The why? of the Tiger

Two big events today, both of which have the colour red in common and not a lot else. Namely, Valentine’s Day (irrelevant for me this year.. yet again..) and the first day of the Year of the Tiger, which is what I prefer to think about.
Not that I got any red packets stuffed with cash this year as I’m either too old or all my Asian relatives have forgotten about me. Seeing as I have something like 200 cousins on my dad’s side it’s hardly surprising that they might overlook one or two of us. Which reminds me of my visit to a fortune teller in Tokyo. One of my friends had raved about him, and said that he now knew that his (dead, of course) grandfather was watching over him, something like a spirit guide. Of course I wanted to know which of my ancestors was perving on me, so I went to see the fortune teller too, but he was very vague and just said they were all looking over me every now and then, which my cousin said was because there are too many of us in the family for us each to have our own individual guides. But dammit, you would think I’d be interesting enough for dead ancestors to watch more than once in a while, I mean it’s not like they’d be that busy up in heaven or wherever they are? I’ll just have to do something crazy that will get them hooked…

In the meantime though, high tea with my friend Avi was the best I could do.
I’m actually wearing a dress that has a lion roaring on the front of it which is sort of a reference to the whole feline theme of the day, but unfortunately that doesn’t really show up so you’ll have to imagine it for the moment.