Fishing for compliments

One of the main aims of this blog (yes, theoretically there is a point to it…) is to show off amazing STUFF from places that would not normally be on the radar style-wise. This is really so I can boast about the bargains I bagged at op shops out in the suburbs that all the trendy inner-city dwellers will never get to. The joy of uncovering brand new gold and silver wedge heels for $3 at a poky little op shop 15 minutes down the road (the secret location of which will die with me, so don’t bother asking about it) sometimes lets me forget that I am living in a suburb that the fashion fairy forgot to wave her wand over. (Said heels will be given a fitting tribute on this blog forthwith). But apart from letting me brag about my hunting and gathering out in the sticks, this blog is also a showcase for all the fabulousness that’s out there when you look for it, even in the most unlikely of places. Most of all it’s fashion and accessories that I keep my eyes peeled for, but sometimes I spot other random things that are so cute/wacky/old and might be valuable in a zillion years’ time that I have to have them. Of course I only buy them if they are ridiculously cheap, as I am a notorious tight-arse (one of my greatest achievements is finding a fabulous 10c necklace at a flea market. Isn’t it cute, even though it’s not the sort of thing I often wear. EVERYONE compliments me on it. Not like I want to brag, but even VICTORIA BECKHAM admired it… yah, so she’s not exactly the person you’d go to for your styling tips, but A CELEBRITY NOTICED MY NECKLACE AND WENT TO THE TROUBLE OF COMPLIMENTING ME ON IT AND IT COST 10c!!)

Anyway, back to the point.. these finger puppets that I found in country New South Wales fit the “cute” and “wacky” categories, and were apparently made by a 93-year-old woman, so she fits the “old” category (although whether she’ll be valuable in a zillion years’ time is questionable). How adorable, and dare I suggest innovative, are the koala’s ears, made of that chenille wool that usually makes me vomit just thinking of it. And there was a whole school of the fish to choose from… and guess what they were called… Fish Fingers.
Already having enough STUFF of my own, I decided to give these to my sister. I knew I had to buy them, so giving them to someone as a
present was a great excuse, and made me look like a good person.