All hail YSL!

A few months ago I bought some sandals at an op shop. Nothing strange about that, I hear you say, especially as practically all my shoes (and in fact clothes, accessories etc) come from op shops. But these were not just any old shoes. They were YVES SAINT LAURENT sandals… I was very proud of myself for spotting them – the label is not exactly ostentatious, but they still stood out to me because of their quality.

Pity that they were a size too big for me, but I bought them anyway (as if I could pass up YSL for $7!). They’ve been languishing in my wardrobe for over a year, unworn while I waited in vain for my feet to grow.

Then the other night I had an epiphany, sparked by what I cannot say as I was tucked up in my cosy bed, nearly asleep when I was struck with the brilliant idea to wrap thick twine around the straps, thereby making the sandals a nice snug fit on my little footsies. Genius, I know. What was even more genius was the fact that I had bought the twine several months ago (also from an op shop of course) so I didn’t have to go looking for it.

The result of this unsurpassed intellectual brilliance is revealed below, but just as an aside, Melbourne had a freak hail storm yesterday – in the morning I took this sunny picture of the sandals.

By late afternoon, the ground in the back yard looked like this – leaves and hail were just in a blanket across the garden. So it was not sandals, but gumboots that I should have been having epiphanies about.

Anyway, here are the sandals, shot on a scarf that was a present from Nepal but looks vaguely African and therefore complements the somewhat tribal look of the sandals.