Fashion Fatigue

It appears that fashion is not having a moment. Although I haven’t seen all the overseas collections yet (via I mean!) there has been very little that I’ve felt compelled to ‘add to my lookbook’. It looks like we’re set for a very safe season basically revolving around beige, grey and other neutral tones, with little in the way of interesting embellishment or new silhouettes as most designers play it safe by reworking their hits from past collections. There’s also a worrying amount of fur (although the fur at Chanel was fake… maybe this was to compensate for REAL ICEBERGS being brought in especially for the show. Heard of carbon footprints, Karl!?) While this is kind on my wallet as it means I won’t feel like buying much in the way of clothing (not that I have an account with Gucci or anything anyway), it also leaves me feeling a bit flat and in need of inspiration. I don’t do neutral at the best of times so it looks like I’ll be forging my own fashion footpath rather than trying to follow the flock. I’m a bit confused though, because Australia is actually only up to AW09 by international standards, so maybe, as we escaped the GFC, we will also escape the GFE… Global Fashion Ennui.

(Later): When I wrote this post I had not yet viewed the Jean Paul Gaultier show. I’m usually not a big fan, but I must be obsessed with legwear or something at the moment. Wouldn’t you be if your socks could look like this? They look like the work of some seriously creative (or bored) Bavarian hausfrau who was commissioned to create legwear for a giraffe. Actually, I’m sure that was the design brief that Monsieur Gaultier issued to his knitwits.

Sasha Pivovarova closed the show, and while I will not be wandering around pant-less (disappointing, I know), I do love this look for all its ethnic influences, although I’m not so hot about the fur on the backpack, if it’s real, and the opium pipe or whatever that is is not high on my list of accessories either. Bizarre that I just had a conversation with my dad last night about opium and found out that my grandfather used to smoke it!