Out of the closet

The hail storm I mentioned the other day caused SERIOUS damage in the area where I live, with windows of houses and cars broken, plants completely shredded etc. I also had to rescue boxes of schtuff from the garage cupboard, which was being leaked on via a hole in the garage roof. It made a nice excuse to revisit some old friends though, in the form of fashion tomes and lookbooks (what, you didn’t think I keep my REAL friends in my garage cupboard, did you?!) which admittedly I used to know back to front and therefore probably more intimately than my actual friends… not working at a magazine any more, I wonder if the lookbooks are still a big deal or if everyone just looks stuff up on the internet. Anyway, these were always just getting thrown out at the end of each season and I couldn’t bear to see them go when the collections had been so beautiful. Actually I could do a whole blog just on what stuff the magazine or Japanese in general throw out which I rescued… and I may just do that one day when I’m not meant to be doing a zillion other things.
Also out of the clo
set are some fashion reference books that I shipped back from Japan but just won’t fit in the house…. that’s what comes of having about 100 pairs of earrings and 70 pairs of shoes… there’s not much room for everything else.

However, there’s always room for op shop goodness. Here’s what I found today at two different op shops – a wool scarf ($1.50), a terracotta plant pot with a silver glaze pattern ($1… well actually I’m not sure if it is a plant pot but can’t work out what else it could be?), plus two pairs of tights for $3 each. Which is fine, even when you’re on a TIGHT budget. Get it?? See what I did there?