Birthday girls

Look how cute my cat Suki is (and ignore the mess of my bedroom in the background). Tomorrow it will be 17 years since I got her, because I got her for my birthday in 1993 when she was about one year old (she was from a shelter so we don’t know her real birthday). That makes her about 18 now, or about, um, 200 years old or something in cat years. But she still gets mistaken for a kitten! She must take after her mum (that’s me… yes I’m trying to allude to the fact that having been blessed with Asian genes, people rarely think I’m my real age. Of course one of the other “blessings” that come with the particular Asian genes that I got is a complete lack of rack, which may actually be the reason people think I have not yet reached puberty.)

I used to keep a glass of water beside my bed in case I got thirsty in the night, until I heard a lapping sound and realised Suki was drinking from it… so now she has her own little dish there and I have to keep a bottle of water on the floor next to the bed for myself.

And in case there was any doubt in your mind after that admission, yes, I’m single.

… anyway, happy birthday me, and happy birthday to my sweet little chunky cat!