Hot or hideous? Tell me!

Today I have a question for you, dear readers. I’m not clever enough with this computer machine thingy to set up a survey, but I want your opinion. Are these shoes hot or hideous? Looking at the pictures, I’d say the answer is obviously ‘hideous’, but when I bought them (at Savers for $7.99) it was mainly because they are adjustable which means they’re not too big even for my skinny feet, and they have platformy-type heels which reminded me a bit about clogs, and I am still lusting after clogs although they’re probably already out of fashion for all those kiddies who are too cool for school. Anyway I got them home and tried them with these socks which also look like an amazingly cool idea – until they get on my feet. I got them free from a press event when I was in Tokyo, I think they are by Eley Kishimoto or some brand like that, but I’ve only ever used them in a fashion show as they don’t do wonders for my legs, as I’m sure you can see. I thought the combination of these socks and shoes, perhaps worn under beige pants, would result in a sort of wacky “contemporary African” look but I think maybe they just look .. plain ugly? Why did it not enter my mind at the point of purchase that these look like glorified orthopaedic sandals for 90 year olds? And then to add insult to injury part of the sole fell off when I got back inside after taking the shots. Hmm. Maybe I was not destined to rock these ones after all. But I think they could be handy for wearing under bell-bottom jeans that require heels that can’t really be seen (trying to justify shelling out $7.99… and probably more than that to repair the heel, aggh), because they are real leather and they are from a reputable shoe shop whose name I will not mention seeing as this post probably would not do wonders for them in the PR department.

I took a shot of these shoes when they’re not on my feet (why do they look better that way? Must be my feet that are ugly?) along with the other op shop finds I’ve made in the past few weeks (not including fairly boring standard black and grey jumpers).

Both pairs of shoes are from Savers, (waiting for summer to roll out the white ones which were $2.99) the leather belt was from the Salvos and the cable-knit short-sleeved cardigan was from Vinnies (both bought when I went on an expedition to the wilds of Boronia). The bag looks a bit African-y and was $4 from the Salvos in Mordialloc I think… the strap is going to need fixing but I couldn’t resist it (yes I know, that’s my excuse for everything).