Bean a bit busy

Today I made the trek into the city to meet up with the beautiful Fabia. We’re coordinating the fashion show and other fashion related events for the Fair@Square festival in December and needed to start talking about how on earth we are going to approach this mammoth task … so for such a strenuous activity involving actual thinking, sustenance was vital. We chose to eat at a new cafe on Bourke Street, near Southern Cross station, called Kinfolk. It opened at the end of May but is already very popular if the lunch time crowd was any indication. I wanted to check it out because it donates all its profits to four different charities, which are voted for by the customers using a coffee bean at the end of the meal. Of course as the money goes to such great causes (kids in need in Ghana, for example), I felt no guilt at all in ordering a delicious lamington to enjoy after a yummy lunch of smoked eggplant, goat cheese and beetroot open sandwich. Why can’t all cafes do this, I’m sure people would order cake a lot more often!?
The interior is gorgeous with birds
as a theme, so I took quite a few pics… enjoy here, or check it out for yourself if you’re in Melbourne!
After lunch I helped my sewing student finish a jacket, in between gossiping and explaining the difference between a possum and a wombat (we have possums in our roof at the moment and that’s bad enough, seriously, you would NOT want wombats in your roof
I also ate out for dinner (once I’ve made the trek into the city I want to get my money’s worth!) but my camera doesn’t like night shots (it’s more of a grandma than me, even) so I didn’t get any record of my exploits at Mamasita, a newish Mexican place at the top end of Collins Street. It was yum, but I’m not into spicy food really, so to me Mexican means “mince meaty stuff coated in tasty cheese and mushy avocado” rather than “authentic and lovingly prepared cuisine that people in Mexico actually eat”, and that’s what my tummy had been preparing itself for… never mind, doesn‘t hurt to set your mouth on fire once in a while… I ordered the mint flan with caramel sauce for dessert as I had to cool myself down somehow, and that seemed the best way to do it! Hmm, I think a long swimming session might be in order tomorrow after today’s mass consumption!