Pink Panther?

…or should that be Pink Cougar, haha… not that I agree with that term but unfortunately I’m heading (read: hurtling at breakneck speed) into that age bracket! I haven’t worn this dress for a little while as it really has to be cold for it to be comfortable but I thought it was a little while since I’d put up anything colourful so here you go, and Melbourne had its coldest night in two years a few nights ago so I suppose it’s appropriate now.
made it out of a great big fringed scarf/poncho-type thing that cost $5 at an op shop, of course I did not take any before photos because at the time that I made it (last year or so) I hadn’t even considered doing a blog. So anyway I loved the colour but thought the original garment would make me look like a “woman of a certain age” (you know, the sort with “tuckshop arms”) out for a night at the opera or something, so made it into this dress instead. Usually I wear it with a belt like the studded one in this post, for instance.
I cut the fringing off at each end of the scarf, folded the material and turned it into a neck warmer type thing but foolishly didn’t put a zip or anything in it at the back so I have to wreck my (perfect, of course) hair every time I want to take it on or off, result
ing in me never having worn it in public. I might have to rework it for it to be wearable.
The purple tights were a few dollars from
an op shop (they were new! I got pink ones from the same place) and the gold and silver wedges were an amazing $3, of course also from an op shop as were the massive gold earrings which you probably can’t really see but I could basically wear as earmuffs.