GIVEAWAY ..and diamonds on the backs of her shoes

Another Monday, another day at work… I worked yesterday too, but I’m not going to bother showing that outfit for Self-stitched September as the only self-stitched piece was the grey long-sleeved T I wore on Saturday and I just wore it with jeans, hardly exciting or worth mentioning! Today I’m still in a boring standard work outfit (jeans and top, neither of which are made by me) but I’m wearing ballet shoes that you last saw here and which I’ve finally got around to fixing.

Unfortunately I don’t know what I did with the ‘before’ shots, but basically there was a hole in the backs of both the shoes which had to be mended… I ummed and aahed a bit, considered covering the holes with leather cutouts (red hearts, strips of black that would blend with the shoes themselves, etc) before deciding to go a bit bling and sewing these fake crystals on instead, quite a task as I was only using a normal sewing needle, not having had enough forethought to have gone and found a leather needle… I’m not a ballet shoe kind of girl but they might come in handy sometimes I suppose – they will at least help me satisfy the Self-stitched September criteria when I can’t wear anything else I’ve made! Kelly seems to like them too… and I have to admit I had an ulterior motive wearing them today – they’re easy to slip on and off, which makes shopping at Savers’ 50% off sale a lot easier!!

… Oh, but I see you’re really only reading this because I put ‘GIVEAWAY’ in big letters as the title.. well it was not just a mean trick, I do have something to give away. I’m doing a craft table as part of The Clothing Exchange event this Friday in Melbourne and they’ve given me some free tickets, some of which my lucky friends have already scored, but I still have one more to give away to a lucky Melbourne resident… just leave a comment saying you want the ticket (valued at $25) and I’ll put your name on the door – then all you have to do is bring some spring clothes to swap and make sure you say hi to me at the event (crucial condition of the prize, haha)…