Tussling with tassels

How are all you Self-stitched September participants going with the challenge? I’m finding days when I don’t have to go out more of a trial than those when I have to make an effort, simply because I don’t bother sewing or remaking stuff if it’s only for hanging around the house. Not that I go out and buy new stuff for that purpose either – most of my housebound horrors are more than a decade old, and I realised today that I DO wear something I made myself every day even when I don’t try, because I made my dressing gown AND my tracksuit pants. However, I will definitely NOT be posting pictures of them, so you can continue visiting without concern for any psychological damage 🙂
In the meantime, in between outfit posts, I thought I’d show you the earrings I wore last week which I put together myself.

They did involve some stitching so are appropriate for this month! I bought the clip-ons for $1 a while ago but had not worn them as I was waiting for something to dangle from them. Then I hit upon a stash of tassels at an op shop about a month ago. Danger, danger… they were 50c each so I went a bit crazy… expect to see a lot of tassels in future!
I secured the top part of the tassel to the back of the earring by winding one of the cords from the tassels around the clip part as you can see.

I threaded the cord through a darning needle so I could pass it back through the tassel head several times and then knotted it (not very neatly) to finish it off, and voila, a new pair of earrings for $2! Relatively easy and very effective, if I do say so myself, although I am just thinking that these probably work best for clip-ons as I don’t know what you’d attach a tassel or any other dangly bit to if you were using normal earrings with posts… so this idea works best for wussy people like myself who have not had their ears pierced.