Baby love

Babies seem to be everywhere these days!! All my friends seem to be having them, which means a fair amount of time is taken in making presents to welcome the little ones into the world.

I decorated some organic cotton T-shirts with kimono scraps a while ago and have a little stockpile which is gradually disappearing as the baby population grows… I also decorated a bunny rug with some applique from a vintage obi for a baby girl recently…maybe a bit hard to see properly in this photo, but the pale pink rug is folded and the T-shirt is sitting on top of it.

A very good friend of mine in Tokyo just had a little girl last week and next week another friend is due to give birth to a boy, so I think the patterns in this set I bought from Savers are going to get a bit of a workout in the next week… aren’t they sweet?

On a side note, does anyone else wish Savers would stop putting stickers on sewing patterns?! They’re impossible to remove without taking off bits of the picture, and a lot of the time the picture is the reason I’m buying the pattern in the first place… how could I go past such gorgeous illustrations as these!? And on another side note, no outfit posts for Self-stitched September today… ie I didn’t go anywhere so it was back to the default dressing gown to satisfy the SSS criteria for the day!!