Snip snip!

I know Self-stitched September is sort of meant to be about wearing stuff you’ve STITCHED yourself (the title kind of gives away that part!) but do you mind if I show you something self-snipped instead?

These earrings are super simple and all you need are clip on earrings (although if the posts on pierced earrings are very long maybe this could work on them too), some leather or felt and a pair of scissors… or even a stanley knife.

You will need to cut the leather/felt into a strip about 3-4cm wide and about 12cm long, although the length is of course up to you. Fold the long rectangle in half lengthways and slash a cross into the middle of both pieces at the top, like this:

You then simply push this over the clip part of the earring so that it sits nice and firmly (don’t make the cross too big or this won’t work).

Push it so that it sits flat against the back of the earring… and that’s it!

I found these earrings for about $1 at an op shop (I buy practically all of my earrings second hand because I can hardly ever find clip-ons new) and I got the leather from my local market – if there’s a stall selling leather jackets at yours, you can probably ask the seller if they have any scraps. I got a whole lot of coloured leather* for $2 per piece… I’d estimate the amount of leather (suede, actually) used in this project cost about 20c all together!!
Not exactly my best shot but you can see what they look like when they’re on at least.
*(You can see what I did with some of the other leather here.)