New shoes! and an old dress

Is it OK to show you a dress even though I didn’t wear it today? It is? Good… because the reality is that I’m sitting around in (admittedly self-stitched) trackies and a windcheater and I really don’t think you want to see those. I found this dress at Savers for $7 last year at the same time as this other one, I felt like I’d struck gold discovering them both at the same time. The colours in this one reminded me of an opal, although as usual my photos don’t really do the fabric justice… in fact it looks like a hideous colourful animal print in these pics….
I think it was a rather large lady’s homemade effort as it had no label, and not a great deal of shaping, but that suited me fine as I wear it back-to-front (it has a sort of V-neckline and a few buttons at the back.. which is actually the front…).
I had to remove some weird flappy details that were sewn into the sleeve/body seam, and I chopped off quite a bit of the hem and made some other minor adjustments, and now it’s a cute and colourful A-line tunicky thing that is perfect for when I can’t be bothered sucking my stomach in all day.

And as for the footwear… I’ve recently “spent” the vouchers my friends gave me for my birthday, I bought these black boots with crepe wedge soles at Zomp two weeks ago.
Very handy, although I was told not to walk in petrol as it dissolves the rubber. Dammit! There goes another of my favourite pastimes…. what? Don’t you go walking through puddles of petrol all the time too?