Place your bets… spring racing season starts!

It’s finally spring again… which means snails hiding in peony flowers, beautiful blossoms everywhere, and more to the point…the spring racing carnival looms in Melbourne and all the lay-deez are trying to get their fancy frocks organised.
I’m intending to make mine from scratch for the amount of money that most of the girls would spend on their train ticket in to the race track, like I did last year, but I haven’t actually started yet. Hmm. I’m starting to go through my wardrobe for options just in case I can’t rustle anything up on the sewing machine.

What do you think of this little number? I bought it at a second hand sale in Tokyo for about $10, it was sold as a dress from the 40s but as it had velcro in the shoulder seams I have my doubts. The waist was teeny-tiny-much-smaller-than-miney so I had to fiddle around taking a bit of material off the hem to insert into the side seams.

Ignore the hair, it will hopefully (miraculously) look a lot better than this when I actually go to the races! The hat is from the Salvos, I’m actually wearing it backwards as I like to wear the ruffly bit at the front. The belt is from last year’s outfit, made out of a straw hat, and the shoes are from an op shop in Japan but are actually not an option as they kill my feet. Pity, as I think they go well with the dress. What do you think about this outfit? Have all you Melbourne girls got your outfits ready yet? How much are you planning to spend? Have you ever won a fashions on the field event?