Baby love #2

It really seems to be the international year of the baby this year… I actually read in the paper recently that there’s a baby boom, so it’s not just my imagination. I showed you some things I made recently for a little lady called Mira whose mummy studied Japanese with me way back when… and today I’ve got some photos of an outfit for Olivine, who is all the way over in Tokyo.

Her mummy and I used to hang out all the time when I lived over there and her daddy has the same birthday as me and I miss them a lot. They are a very stylish couple and they wear a lot of black, but although I think it could look fantastic, I don’t know anyone who dresses their baby in black so I went for the old school pink-for-a-girl thing.

I had this white organic cotton material from another project so used that to make the top, and used old pink kimono fabric to make the rosettes and for the pants.

My embroidery skills are practically non-existent which is why I just went with the easy option of French knots in green as decorations.
The pattern was from the 60s or so and gave no indication of what age baby these garments would fit, it just said “one size”. Not so helpful. Olivine’s daddy has since told me that she will have to wait a little while to wear them but they are coming over to visit in a few months so I’m hoping I’ll get to see her actually wearing them!