Op shopping like it’s going out of fashion

So I went to the accountant the other day and was told I owe the tax department a rather significant amount of money. Subsequently swore I would stop buying stuff that I don’t really need. Resolve lasted about five minutes.

Here are just some of the things I’ve bought in the past few days at op shops…(more posts at I op therefore I am). Rather unusually they’re quite conservative…

Beige top was $7 at the Salvos, 70s necklace was $5 at an op shop in Oakleigh whose name I can’t remember and the denim top (with wrinkles which I will of course get rid of) is from Salvos in Malvern and was a massive $12… that one’s pricey!! Especially considering it was only from H&M originally.

Apart from being very conservative (I must be getting old), they’re things I don’t have to fiddle with or alter either. However, you can come and see me fiddling away at the Stringybark Festival this weekend, should you be so inclined… I can help you make stuff out of crap at the Remake Remodel tent, so please come and say hi!