You know how in nearly all sensible “wardrobe basics” lists, “classic white shirts” are mentioned? I’ve never been able to work them into my wardrobe, but then again I’d hardly call many of the clothes I own “basic”. Not having to work in corporate settings, I can fairly much wear what I like (when I actually have a job, which, at the moment, I don’t…anyone want to employ me!? I’m quite good at all sorts of things!), so there’s no need for me to wear a “classic white shirt”. But that didn’t stop me from buying this one at an op shop last week on my way home from clearing out my desk at my former job (I basically only needed to pick up some tea bags that I had left there…. waste not, want not!).

I knew just by glancing at the shirt on the rack that it was some sort of designer brand, but couldn’t work it out until I had a look at the label which the kind staff must have decided to add… Stella McCartney for Target! OK, hardly in the same league as just Stella McCartney by herself, but for $4, who cares, and I actually do have a job next Monday that may require slightly conservative dress – an interpreting gig for a Japanese trade event. So I’m trying to be organised and working out my summer consaba-kei (conservative dress) outfit in advance. What’s the bet that by next Monday Melbourne will be hit by an avalanche of snow and this light, summery top will be completely inappropriate??