Funemployment fashion

In case you didn’t know it already, jobhunting sucks. Don’t let my smile fool you, it really sucks. But it does at least serve to make me aware of how important it is to go through my old clothes and op shop finds RIGHT NOW to work out how I can remake them so I will actually wear them. That sort of thing is CRUCIAL in landing oneself a job. Take a look at this kaftan, for instance (I got it for $1 at an op shop a few months ago).

In order for me to gain any sort of employment, it was crucial that this garment be transformed into something slightly less 70s. Kind of like this…

It was also crucial to go and stand in the garden with the dog to try to capture my creation in crappy photos for an audience who I’ve largely never met (but who are very supportive all the same!!).

Is that a laugh of cynicism I hear? You think I am remodelling my dresses just to procrastinate, don’t you! And I bet you think that I made these earrings (which you can’t even see that well, sorry!) just so I wouldn’t have to address key selection criteria for the zillionth time!

*Sigh*… you’d be spot on. Oh well. At least you get a free insight into how I remade this dress, which, if I were employed, would probably not be happening. I cut off a very large section of hem (which I will use as a headscarf) to make the dress mini-length, then also removed much of the sleeves. I neatened up the resulting cap sleeves, then used strips cut from the excess material to make ruffles over the shoulders. It’s a bit hard to see, because everything’s patterned, and because of my bad photos, but what do you think? I’m still not sure if I should leave this mandarin collar as-is or change the neckline, so suggestions are welcome.

Meanwhile, here are two other projects that are on hold because despite all my making light of the situation (yes, that’s what I was trying to do earlier in the post, for those of you who aren’t familiar with my zany sense of humour), I really MUST step up the job hunt. But feel free to let me know your ideas for what I could do with these skirts.

This one I made from scratch about 14 years ago from some fabric I got in the Indian section of Kuala Lumpur (at least I think that’s where I got it!). You can’t really tell from the photos but it’s very bright pink with yellowy-gold paisley patterns on it. It’s also very wonky so I’d have to rejig things a bit. I also have a false obi made from this material so, combined, I think I could make a fitted dress .. if I could be bothered…

This one I’m not so sure if I should fiddle with at all. I’m kind of liking how it looks when the wind’s blowing! A friend bought it for me at an op shop for $1, it’s a French designer label with the initials LS, which also happen to be my initials, which is slightly freaky. It’s pure silk and very well made, but the in-between length is a problem. I’m thinking of turning it into a mini dress but don’t know if I have the courage/cruelty to hack into it with scissors… advice, anyone?