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Little China girl

We all know that time flies, but this was made particularly obvious to me when I completed a DIY project and went looking for the “before” picture. “Surely I only thought up this project a… Continue reading

Chilled out weekend

So, it’s theoretically spring here in Melbourne, but in true crazy Melbourne style, today was more like mid-winter. Seeing as I had mountains of writing work to get through, the rain and cold… Continue reading

Funemployment fashion

In case you didn’t know it already, jobhunting sucks. Don’t let my smile fool you, it really sucks. But it does at least serve to make me aware of how important it is… Continue reading

Vogue Vintage… in nylon?

So, as you would have seen, the good news is that Suki’s fine. However, while that drama is out of the way for the time being, I now have to deal with being… Continue reading

Caught up in the web of memory lane

It’s a gorgeous spring day but instead of cavorting around in it, I’ve been trying to get my head around how to upload stuff onto my website.I had the website made last December… Continue reading