Chilled out weekend

So, it’s theoretically spring here in Melbourne, but in true crazy Melbourne style, today was more like mid-winter. Seeing as I had mountains of writing work to get through, the rain and cold didn’t bother me. And of course because I had mountains of writing work to get through, I decided to fix up some leggings that I bought at Vinnies a few months ago. Here’s what they looked like originally:

And here’s what they look like now.

Yes, I should have taken a “before” photo of me wearing them but of course I didn’t think of that. Basically all I did to them was take them in along the sides and let down the hems (which turned out to be rib-finished, yay!) and then I added pockets for a bit of detail at the front. I wanted to use leather but then I actually thought about it (rare, rare event) and realised that would mean I couldn’t just chuck them in the washing machine. So the pockets are made from bits of an old jumper instead.

There is a green/navyish jacquard pattern running through the material, although I don’t know how well you can see that here.

So there you go. Mid-winter ski-inspired style in the middle of spring.

I’ve teamed them with some kind of glam accessories, including this cool snake bangle which was from Madam Virtue…

I was kind of inspired by this amazing shoot from Australian Vogue’s July issue. If I only I could look this glamorous when it’s freezing outside.