Gucci gets me

As an ex-Vogue Nippon editor, you would think I would be glued to my computer checking out all the fashion shows as they go live, which happens to be right now (ie the international collections are on as we speak). While I’m not madly following the modeschau in Milan, I did happen to check out the goings-on at Gucci on this morning, and look what I found.
If the emerald-teal tone looks sort of familiar, it might be because I CHOSE THIS COLOUR TO WEAR AT SAVERS for their fashion show only a week ago.
Coincidence? I think not!! Frida has me on speed dial, after all. So don’t be surprised if the next Gucci collection is all fluorescent orange, if that just happens to be my favourite shade the week before the shows. Haha.
Oh, and if you thought I only have a huge influence over major designers when it comes to clothes, may I remind you that Marc’s always after me for earring ideas

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