Crushing on 100% royan

If there’s one thing blogging’s great for, it’s helping you push style boundaries. Crushed velvet has never been one of my favourite materials, in fact, in my mind, it rates right up there with polar fleece, and that’s saying something. But when I found these embroidered black crushed velvet pants for $4.99 at Savers I decided to give them a go.

They’re 100% royan, which had me puzzled for a while until I realised that swapping two letters around would make “rayon”.

If they’d been plain I probably would have passed them over but I can spot handworked embroidery at 50 paces.

I checked that my hunches were correct by looking at the inside!

As the embroidery goes over the seams it made adjusting them very tricky, so I had to be inventive with how I took them in (they were quite big around the hips). In the end I decided I wasn’t going to show off hip area anyway so did a fairly dodgy job, simply making a tuck down the front of both legs and overlapping the flies. So I have to wear a long top with them to cover up my front bottom (tee hee!) which is a bit of a problem as despite a wardrobe bursting with clothes I don’t own that many long tops. Here’s two looks I managed to rustle up yesterday though!

Remember when Juicy Couture velour tracksuits were in? I never had one, but I imagine my new-old crushed velvet embroidered pants are just as comfy. But teaming them with a matching zipped-up crushed velvet top is one styling combo I’m not going to attempt.