Cat Rabbit!

Since last week I’ve been working in the city at the same office as my sister, which is exhausting (the 3-hour per day commute, not being in the same office as my sister, although it is sometimes tiring having to explain that we are two different people, as everyone gets us mixed up). However, one of the cool things about working in the metropolis otherwise known as Melbourne is that you can just drop in to cool exhibition openings after work, like I did tonight, and see what animals would wear if they had corporate jobs!

Or if they liked huntin’ and fishin’.

Or what they’d wear to hang around and eat hamburgers.

Or even what they’d wear just to hang around.

These are all from an exhibition by Cat Rabbit called Secret Animal Realms. Look what some animals do on their days off!

They like to have picnics, just like us. (Isn’t the sleeping owl in the tree trunk adorable?)

Cat Rabbit is so multi-talented that she can make softies out of felt and other fabrics, as well as carve pictures into wood and make more 2D style wall hangings.

The exhibition is at No Vacancy Project Gallery in Fed
eration Square until May 8, so if you are in Melbourne, go and check it out (more info here).

You will see things like this! (these creatures were actually watching a movie, the screen was showing real images, even though the whole projector setup was made from cardboard!)

And thi
s is a fantasy softie factory… there was an owl coming out a chute at the other end of the production line which my camera couldn’t capture.

OK, enough excitement for one evening. I’m off to bed. Ta-ta, people!