Fashion Week #1

Hello! I’m back from Rosemount Australian Fashion Week (RAFW) in Sydney and have finally got around to putting some pics up. Needless to say, they’re not fabulous runway shots, but hope you enjoy an insider’s view of the week! Well, from day 3 anyway, as I arrived on Wednesday when the week was already well underway, but I still had over 200 photos to choose from!

I was greeted by these lovely ladies… Lou, my partner in crime at Peppermint, Sam from Bento, and pocket rocket stylist Elaine. Having got up at 5am to make the flight to Sydney, then having to rush onto the flight which left from the international terminal, not the domestic (AGGGGH), I was exhausted after just one show and welcomed the decision to go off to lunch with the gang at Mad Spudz.

I was rejuvenated enough after that yummy meal to get some snaps in front of the Opera House… here’s Sam in blinged-up Bento…

I’ve now forgotten which show this dog with purple legs starred in but we got to meet her (and her long-legged companion) on the promenade next to the harbour before she took to the catwalk (dogwalk?).

Here’s another dyed dog, but I think he was just dressed up to match his owner’s lipstick!

I didn’t have a great spot at the Gary Bigeni show, so was really only able to snap back views. But sometimes backs are better.

I would never have expected it, but I loved this colour combo – pale turquoise and lavender.

There was a fair bit of caramelly looking leather that looked good enough to eat…

And it’s pretty subtle, but the waist of this skirt curves up at the sides, which is quite flattering.

Although then again, the models were wearing Spanx and, well, they’re models to start with, so it wouldn’t necessarily have the same effect on us mere mortals…

At fashion weeks I’ve been to in the past, I stayed at places like the Hilton and the Four Seasons. This time, as work was not paying, I stayed at Chateau de Lou’s Auntie. As with most hotels, this one is set apart from others by an exclusive service – instead of boring mints on pillows, at Chateau de Lou’s Auntie, you get Mimi.

Free of calories and a lot cuddlier!! I’m sure regular readers of my blog will realise that the promise of a cat at the end of a long day was definitely a contributing factor in my hotel selection!!