Getting the blues: part 2

Newsflash! I’ve managed to finish a sewing project within a week. It’s really nothing to be proud of that I NEVER seem to get to my machine lately, but what with work, play, and all that other stuff, it’s the sad reality of life right now. Anyway, this:

…is now this:

…thanks to this:

No! It’s not a representation of lady bits in felt like you’d see all over Regretsy!! It’s an underarm gusset that I inserted to make the cape into a top after I cut sleeves into it as you saw last week. I had to trim a bit off the sides of the body as the top was too A-line, so I used that excess to make the gussets. Not quite as exciting as lady bits in felt, but it means I have a new top!

And those earrings I’m wearing are new-ish too. $5 from the Rozelle market in Sydney during RAFW.

I’ve just booked tickets to Sydney and will be there on a weekend… hmm, that market just happens to be on every weekend… lucky coincidence, yes? No doubt there will be more fabulousness like this to show you soon!