Blue and green should never be seen…

But what about indigo and green?

I found this (probably handmade) jumper at an op shop last week for $3.50 (it was half price day at the Salvos, yay!). Unusually, for something probably made in Australia in the 80s, it is totally free of kitschy koala patterns and ghastly gumnut motifs. I notice a lot of Gen Y (or even the gen after that? have forgotten what the next gen is called… must be because my Gen X brain is failing) kids wearing really horrid 80s stuff but I can’t bring myself to do it. Been there, done that (in real time!!)

Anyway, back to the styling… as you might have read in the fashion pages of any magazine recently, strong colour is a big trend, and one of the few that I endorse wholeheartedly.

I’m running a stall at Southside Handmade and Vintage market this weekend so was sorting out what to take from my wardrobe when I found this lace skirt (originally found at a flea market or op shop in Japan for $1, if I recall correctly). I was tossing up whether to sell it but I think the emerald green looks amazing with the indigo of the jumper, so looks like it’s staying! And I’ll even keep these bright pink socks (which happen to be from 1986… I always saved them for “best”, but as I never went anywhere that special, they’re still in fairly much new condition).

These things, however, will be at the stall on Sunday…

…along with dresses, accessories and baby gear that I’ve made myself. See you there!