Weekend in Sydney

Oh my goodness!!

I can’t believe I forgot to tell you I was going to Sydney this weekend!!

So… um, yes. I went to Sydney this weekend. But it was not for anything fashion related, unless you count catching up with some of the coolest people in Tokyo and their little one (you met them here), who happened to be visiting family in Sydney.

Due to fog in Melbourne on Saturday morning when I was meant to leave, a planned trip to Rozelle market in Sydney did not really eventuate, and in fact most of the weekend was spend wandering and eating. Nothing wrong with that, although it made me pretty lazy and I didn’t take many shots of anything except above-mentioned adorable baby and an exhibition at the gallery of NSW. Oh, and this shot which was taken for me … check out the massive boulder next to the stairs!

These stairs are next to housing commission flats which have a seriously amazing view over Sydney Harbour.

Anyway, the rest of this post is just of pics from the David Aspden exhibition at the gallery of NSW – it’s free, so if you like these and are in the area, drop in!

They were quite popular with this little lady…

Arty pic with me reflected in the glass…

I can totally imagine Marni or some other print-loving label turning these into textiles for a future collection…

Although this one might be handiest in combat….don’t look at it for too long or you’ll get a horrible headache!

Oh, and just in an aside – I also checked out the shopping exhibition at the State Library of NSW which is also free and pretty interesting… and there is a CAT statue outside the library. Got to love a library with a cat statue.

It’s not just any old cat… it’s Trim, Matthew Flinders’ feline. Maybe the most famous ship’s cat in the world?!

What did you get up to on the weekend, and perhaps more importantly, what would you put as the caption for a statue of your cat?