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So it’s Fashion Week and as the official fashion blogger for City Weekly I’ve had no time to attend to my private blogging needs… although people who are not involved in the events find it hard to understand how much time Fashion Week takes up. Especially not people from bank call centres. I did say to a guy who rang me about one of the bank’s services, “It’s Fashion Week, I’m really busy” in order to excuse myself from speaking to him any time this week, but was met with silence from the other end. I can only imagine he was on the other end of the line rolling his eyes at my ditziness. Quite possibly in Mumbai.

Anyway, I do have some photos ready for a post but no time to write up captions, so in the meantime, here’s a few random links all about me, me, me!!

Remember Future Fashion Now? Well you can actually see what went on if you click here and view the video.

If you can’t make it to the Emerging Designer Exhibition at 1000 Pound Bend take a look at these shots (and I will blog properly about it later too).

I’m quoted for my love of op shopping here along with other op shop lovers!

And there’s all my Fashion Week posts on the City Weekly blog too, although they’re a little bit behind because the poor IT guy is trying to do his regular job as well as put up all my stuff.

And because I’ve mentioned IT, I can put up this pic. That’s gratuitous cat pic #2 for the week taken care of.