Sleepy stylist

It’s another rainy weekend in Melbourne but I don’t mind because Suki and I have had to stay indoors to style the looks for the Fair@Square fashion show.

I really did intend to do a blog about Jakarta Fashion Week with some pictures of amazing stuff as worn by Lady Gaga (yes, pretty exciting, sorry to keep you in suspense!), but that might have to wait until things have calmed down a bit. In the mean time here are a few more things that will be in the show on Friday.

Detail of a dress by Georgia McCorkill for The Red Carpet Project

I’m pairing each of the 11 garment designers with an accessories label, and using my Fourth Daughter label with Georgia’s dresses, not that I feel that my creations are worthy of her beautiful gowns! I’d show you the things that are going to be on the catwalk, except that I haven’t actually made them yet. Um. Yeah. So that’s tonight’s effort, I suppose…
Meanwhile, someone who’s a little bit more organised than me and very inventive is Dearne from Mainichi. What do you think these beads are made from?

Let’s just say Dearne must LOVE sushi… the beads are made from the little fish-shaped bottles that takeaway soy sauce comes in! It’s a bit more obvious here:

Anyway, I better get back to work or the models won’t have any earrings to wear with Georgia’s dresses! It’s not like I can afford to sleep on the job, unlike certain stylist’s assistants I could name…