Fair ideas for Christmas

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The Fair@Square fashion show is over, so I can finally get back to the blogging (more on that, with pics, in a future post!) and it’s just a few weeks until Christmas, which for most people means running around buying presents (preferably through a pine forest like this one that has sprung up at Federation Square!).
Well, if you’d been at the Fair@Square festival over the weekend, you might have got some of your gift shopping done already. If not, here are some ideas for fair trade and eco fabulousness – they had stalls at the festival but you can find them online too.

Kylie Kwong’s crockery range for Oxfam

African amazingness from Kwetu Handmade. And yes, I did nearly buy this kaftan but I have so much ethnic clothing I restrained myself (and bought a sisal woven bag instead!!).

All sorts of cuteness from Little Sparrow

Indigenous art as interior objects at Better World Arts

I love this picture of the creators of the products, usually they would paint these designs on their bare skin but in the interests of modesty are wearing T-shirts with the designs instead. Great solution to getting around the “rules” our society has created. And such beautiful prints, I think this is definitely a DIY idea I’m going to try over the summer!

Stationery products and kites from White Circles

And puppets from Secret Gully

Love the imagery in this poster from Plan.

Don’t forget there are heaps of NPOs like Plan, Oxfam, your local zoo and WWF which have great gift and sponsorship ideas that are perfect for any time of year. In my family when we bother giving presents at all (which is not often!) we usually give each other animal or conservation sponsorships and donations – less crap that we don’t need, and we help to save the environment. Everybody wins!

Of course if you like giving pretty things and helping at the same time, there’s always things like Beads for Wildlife

And if you’re still stuck for green gift ideas, a Peppermint subscription can never go astray! (Shameless plug for one of the magazines which I write for, hehe).