In Yuko Fujita’s studio

Don’t you love peeking into other people’s creative spaces? It’s always interesting to see what inspires arty types, so when I visited jeweller Yuko Fujita with another Japanese friend for lunch on the weekend, I took the opportunity to get some snaps for you. Happy peeking!

 Yuko is a jeweller AND an illustrator – and a crazy cat lady like me….

 The two necklaces on the left are Yuko’s works…

 These are scraps of paint-sample paper that Yuko uses to trial shapes for her jewellery! Love it when people find new ways to use things that might otherwise get thrown out.

 Lots of little earrings decorating her workspace…

 Where the magic happens…

 Told you she was a crazy cat lady! This is the rug that goes under her desk!

Hope you’ve enjoyed the virtual visit, I’ll be back with more DIY next week.