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Embroidery and elegance

As much as I adore summer, days of 40+ degrees pose something of a challenge. How to stay cool and still retain even a semblance of non-sweaty elegance? Wear a dress made out… Continue reading

The caftan story continues

Hello! It’s your local crazy cat lady here, reporting on even more ways to refashion a caftan (so you can give your cat-walking outfits some variety, of course). You might remember that after… Continue reading

Luang Prabang luxe

Not long ago I wrote about trekking around Luang PrabangĀ – a most satisfying (if sweaty) experience. But there’s a luxury side to this UNESCO-listed city too. I wrote about it here, and took… Continue reading

Quickest DIY ever – WITH CATS!

It’s rare that I’d attempt a DIY with anything involving technology, as I’m always afraid I’ll blow something up. But this is so easy even I could do it! If you want to… Continue reading

Happy Birthday St Gertrude, patron saint of cats!

The 17th of March is celebrated in many countries as St Patrick’s Day (and in even more countries, it’s celebrated as my birthday, haha!) but did you know that it’s also the day… Continue reading

There’s a cat on the cover!

It’s not often a cat (let alone a serval cat called Tula) makes it to the front cover of a magazine, but then Peppermint is not your average magazine! It’s a showcase of… Continue reading

In Yuko Fujita’s studio

Don’t you love peeking into other people’s creative spaces? It’s always interesting to see what inspires arty types, so when I visited jeweller Yuko Fujita with another Japanese friend for lunch on the… Continue reading