Stealing DIY ideas from Chris

 Melbourne is a big city in some ways, but in others it’s such a small world. I tend to bump into the same people a lot at shop openings and launch parties – not that there’s anything wrong with that when I can steal DIY ideas from them!
Chris Rivera gave me some no-sew inspiration at the Kings of Carnaby launch last Thursday.

Look at those shoulders! I should have asked him how many packets of safety pins he went through to get this look! (I’m becoming a bit of a fan of safety pins lately… they can really help you change an outfit).

I also liked all the hardware Chris was sporting, in particular the key-ring (ha, see what I did there?) on the far right. I don’t know about you but whenever I do a big spring clean I always find random little keys – making jewellery out of them would get them out of the way and boost your accessory collection. Don’t you love multitasking!? And don’t you love it when guys get in on the DIY fashion act? Thanks for your ideas, Chris!