Sweater stylin’ *Now with added Japanese!*

Although regular readers will be familiar with my love of adding stuff to old clothes to give them a new personality, sometimes taking stuff away is more effective. My friend Gen gave me a jumper from Japanese brand Lowrys Farm a while ago, but it never felt quite “me” as it was:
There was nothing wrong with it, but the gold buttons just added a military touch that took away from its versatility. So I decided to get rid of them and sew up the shoulder openings.

I also cut until about halfway up the side seams to make the fit a bit looser. Now I can wear it like this!

Or like this! See, it’s a lot more versatile now.

It even works well with python, which is SO in this season. (This is a DIY I certainly won’t be recommending you try at home: I just happened to meet this slippery character at the launch of Claremont Tonic restaurant last week!)

セーターのDIYですが、とても簡単なリメイクです。ボタンを取って、ボタンがあったところを縫い止めました。そしてセーターの横の縫い目をウェストぐらいの位置まで切って、きれいに縫い止めたら完成です。。。。と、自分ではこの説明分かりますが、いかがでしょうか?もっと難しいリメイクならこんな日本語では無理、と思い始めたところですがご意見くださいね〜** あ、パイソンのことですか?この写真はレストランのオープンで撮ったものです。自分のペットではありませんよ!