Great Ocean Ecolodge GIVEAWAY

What’s more amazing than a giveaway?
Our native wildlife, that’s what. And while this koala at the Conservation Ecology Centre is awwww-inspiring, the people who care for it, and other native animals and their habitat, are nothing short of awe-inspiring.
Wouldn’t you like to meet such great people? Such as Shayne Neal…
 …his partner Lizzie Corke…
 … and their daughter, Tess?
Shayne and Lizzie established the Conservation Ecology Centre in Cape Otway to protect wildlife and its habitat and provide research opportunities to ensure the future health of our flora and fauna. As if that doesn’t keep them busy enough, they also run the Great Ocean Ecolodge, where I stayed recently and enjoyed relaxing with fabulous food,  great conversation and of course, best of all, meeting lots of native animals and hearing all about what they get up to (apart from photobombing Tess’ baby photos).

I was so impressed with Shayne and Lizzie’s work that I decided to run a trivia night fundraiser for them. It’s next Wednesday night, August 22, at Honey Bar in South Melbourne, and there are some great prizes up for grabs – including TWO NIGHTS accommodation for TWO ADULTS at the Ecolodge with a chance to meet QUOLLS!! To find out more and for the link to buy tickets, click here
For those of you who can’t get there on the night, you can enter my Remote Raffle for your chance to win the Ecolodge prize or other vouchers. OK, so it’s not technically a giveaway, but at $5 per raffle ticket for the chance to win a prize that’s worth at least $700, who’s quibbling? GET CLICKING, people! I look forward to seeing you at Honey Bar – or seeing your name on the raffle ticket list at least!

オーストラリア在住の皆様、Cape Otwayには行ったことありますか?この間行ったら自然の美しさにすごく感動しました。特に好きだったのはConservation Ecology Centre (CEC) でした。大自然の中で経営者のShayneとLizzieはコアラ、カンガルー、そしてすごく珍しいクオールというオーストラリアの動物のリハビリを行いながら自然を守る活動を一生懸命やっています。ただし、それだけをしていると収入が大変と分かり、そのCECを提供するためGreat Ocean Ecolodgeという宿泊先を8年前にオープン。泊まってみたら、ご飯もオーガニックでとてもおいしかったし、いろんな動物にも会えたし、リラックスもできたため、何かの形で応援したいと思ったのです。それでトリビアのチャリティイベントを行うことにしました。詳細やチケットの売り先はこちらです。Ecolodgeでの宿泊や他のプライズが与えるチャンスがあるから是非来て下さいね!イベントに来れなくても、こちらでラッフルのチケットが買えますのでどうぞエントリーしてみて!