Kilty as charged

No, I never can resist a chance to use a silly pun for my post heading… and I never can resist an op shop bargain, but I’m sure you know that by now.

I found this tartan maxi-kilt at the Salvos for only $9, and even though tartan isn’t normally “me”, the bright colours and romantic length reeled me in.

Can’t you imagine a stroll through the Scottish heather in one of these? Although you probably wouldn’t be wearing an Akha jacket with it, which is what this is.

 Then again, although we think of tartan as a Scottish fabric, it’s really just a large check pattern, so it is found in many other countries’ native dress – including countries in South East Asia. See? (Picture of a Burmese lady from here)

So my outfit’s not really that much of a mismatch! Not that I would care if it were. One of the things I looked forward to when I bought this kilt was wearing it in different ways – with a plain top and big jewellery, or with a top covered with embroidery and shells like this jacket … and big jewellery!
 I did intend to remove the black buckles you can see on the side of the kilt and replace them with grosgrain or velvet ribbons or ties, but they’re not really that obvious, and I’m feeling lazy, so looks like they can stay as they are for the moment. So, no element of DIY in today’s post – unless you count my jacket, oh, and I made the earrings too… and removed the turtleneck part of the jumper I’m wearing to make the neckline more open…!! No, no DIY to see here today…