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Laos – at my adopted home

When I wasn’t out re-exploring Vientiane on my recent trip to Laos, I was spending time at “home”. I stayed at Kommaly‘s place again, but this time her daughter (my friend Boby) was… Continue reading

Kilty as charged

No, I never can resist a chance to use a silly pun for my post heading… and I never can resist an op shop bargain, but I’m sure you know that by now.… Continue reading

On the road in Laos #3 – Akha villages

There are so many different peoples living in Laos that it would be impossible for me to try to remember the characteristics of each group, but the Akha people make themselves memorable by… Continue reading

Black Booty

I know op shopping is not a competition, but don’t you sometimes wish it were? I’m always interested in seeing what fabulous bargains other people have found and as you may be aware,… Continue reading

Akha do do do…

Anyone who knows me is well aware that I have something of a penchant for all things ethnic. I may have even touched briefly upon this in a previous post. So of course… Continue reading

New Kid on the Blog

Consider yourself warned. There will be more bad wordplays with ’80s references masquerading as titles for my posts. And sometimes I might even sneak them into the posts themselves! I’m tricky that way!Now… Continue reading