Laos – at my adopted home

When I wasn’t out re-exploring Vientiane on my recent trip to Laos, I was spending time at “home”. I stayed at Kommaly‘s place again, but this time her daughter (my friend Boby) was visiting too with her daughters Laura and Abby. We all stayed in this lovely new house next to the main residence. It’s made of teak that Kommaly and her husband grew.  

 There are all sorts of trees in the garden including this one with huge seedpods. It’s called a moringa and has all kinds of medicinal uses apparently. 

 I don’t know what this one is but apparently it is often eaten with fish. It’s very pretty!

Someone at the house told me that this was a mango tree but I have since been informed that it is a papaya. Oops!

There are also mulberries in the garden, which Abby particularly enjoys…

We went to a small organic market…

 …where we found things that ended up on the table for lunch later… fresh spring rolls full of vegies on the left, banana flower and pork soup on the right (Kommaly asked the girls who do the cooking for her to make this for me as I loved it when we visited the Akha people last April. So thoughtful of her!).

Another meal, again full of fresh vegies, and again with banana flowers (front, centre)

This shot was actually taken at the Talat Sao… bananas, yam beans (which I think are white and crunchy in the middle as I ate something similar at Kommaly’s) and coconuts…

Even just hanging around at the house was fun, despite my non-existent Lao.There was always something happening!

We even had a little fashion show when Abby discovered my earrings… 

They suit her, don’t you think?