Black Booty

I know op shopping is not a competition, but don’t you sometimes wish it were? I’m always interested in seeing what fabulous bargains other people have found and as you may be aware, I very, very occasionally go op shopping myself and sometimes I even post about it. (In case you couldn’t tell, I’m talking in opposites). Anyway I just wanted to say if op shopping WERE an Olympic sport (and there is something of a grassroots movement supporting it… check the comments from this post) then I think Australia (represented by me.. do I have to spell this out!?) would have got GOLD GOLD GOLD last Friday… check out these boots that I found for $16.99 at the Salvos in Dandenong (this post led me there on the day I bought these, although I have visited many times of my own accord)!!! Like any esteemed athlete (op-lete?), I’d like to give you an insight into my victory… LOOK UP!! Yes, that’s the insight. The only reason I found these black booties is because I lifted my gaze heavenward, and lo, there they were, resting on the shelf above me as if the god of cool thigh-high boots had answered the prayers that I didn’t even know I was saying. Prayers for very long boots in black suede with flat soles that don’t make you look like you should be standing on a street corner late at night (in a bizarre twist, Pretty Woman was on TV this week).
Meanwhile, I’m sure all my friends are very happy that I found these lovelies, especially the friends who chipped in to buy me a voucher for my birthday for long black boots from a proper shoe shop that sells NEW shoes. I wore them to dinner the other night and some of them just rolled their eyes despairingly at me when I told them I’d found these second-hand ones. You can take the girl out of the op shop but you can’t take the op shop out of the girl.

…and by the way, although I had planned to wear these to the literary speed dating that I had been panicking about, I ended up going with cute shearling booties (which SOME people think are like ugg boots with heels), jeans, copious accessories as usual, and my Akha jacket. And no, I did not meet Mr Right… or even Mr Write.. haha, get it? LITERARY reference… OK, fine, I’ll stick to op shopping…