Well how about if I wear them this way?

OK, so I’m setting myself up for derision again, I know, but even after all the “AGGH MY EYES”- type comments in reaction to the shoes I trialled the other day, I was still undecided about them and thought I’d give them a second chance. I wouldn’t walk around like this as it’s too chilly, but I think this is a vast improvement on my first styling idea. I like the chunky socks, which were from my cousin and have llamas on them. They are from South America and therefore have nothing at all to do with anything Tyrolean, but maybe I was confusing them with goats or something, because I was somehow feeling a sort of Heidi vibe with this outfit, which is why I’m wearing this scarf with an edelweiss* pattern and pendant. It gives the black top a lift too. (It’s a size XL thermal wool top that I got from the Salvos). Ideally, rather than these shorts (cut-offs made from 18th Amendment jeans samples) I’d be wearing cute little suede bib and brace lederhosen in a sort of olivey colour to give off a more authentic vibe but, well, unlike sporrans, lederhosen are in short supply at my local op shop so you’ll just have to imagine them instead.

*fascinating trivia – one of my cats used to love it when I whistled “Edelweiss”, even with my crappy whistling skills. Maybe she was Austrian in a past life? Another cat used to get very, um, excited when my mum whistled “Some Enchanted Evening” from the musical South Pacific. Does your pet have a favourite tune? (Suki has not demonstrated any musical inclinations, or maybe she just doesn’t want to encourage any bursting into song on my part).