Canterbury tales – discovering Maling Road #2

You may have wondered while reading my first post about Maling Road whether we stopped for any sustenance during our day of discovery. Truth be told, most of the day was taken up with enjoying culinary delights in all shapes and forms. In fact, our first stop was for brunch, which Lady Melbourne and I had the pleasure of enjoying at The Maling Room. Notice how Lady M has chosen a BLT which perfectly matches her pretty pink blouse? 

Thus fortified and ready to face the day, The Maling Room’s Andrew Lew showed us behind the scenes. For any coffee fanatic, this would have been a dream come true, as he revealed the roaster…

  … and we also got to see the huge sacks of coffee beans waiting for their date with this magnificent machine…

 While I do enjoy a nice cup of coffee, I’m only a fairly recent fan, having only started drinking it a few years ago when I was working in an office where even making a cup of International Roast was a welcome distraction to relieve the tedium. I’m more choosy when it comes to tea, so it was interesting to try the Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea which, as per its name, is made from the fleshy cherry part surrounding the coffee bean – that’s right, the bit that’s usually thrown away! Got to love the zero waste concept, and the tea itself is very refreshing (we drank it with a great big block of ice, it would be perfect to sip on a summer’s day or even to use as a cocktail base, if you are that way inclined).

Iolanthe and Calvin were celebrating their birthdays, and they shared cake with us at Bambaleros.

It was very pleasant sitting out in the sunshine under the shade of the cherry trees – pretty streetscapes make such a difference to the feel of a shopping strip! Of course, if you go shopping dressed in vintage like Cheryl or Marianne, well, that would brighten up even a trip to the most sterile of supermarkets…

As if coffee and cake were not enough, we then were treated to wine and cheese tasting at Darriwill Farm. Plenty of gourmet and garden-related goodies here if you’re looking to put together a Christmas hamper (or just treat yourself or someone special at any time of year!). And as the building was formerly a bank, some of the produce that requires refrigeration is kept in what used to be the vault!

Last, but definitely not least, was a visit to Xocolatl, a family-run artisan chocolate store that uses only Fairtrade certified couverture chocolate in its delicious creations. 

Chris Partsioglou and his family, including daughters Maddy and Tina, are passionate about creating top quality chocolate products in unique flavours. I wish I’d been able to capture the unique combinations such as the surprisingly delicious mango and gorgonzola that we got to try, but unfortunately my camera didn’t do it justice (and I was too busy eating!!). But here is a little teaser of some of the tasty treats in store – they do hot chocolate too, so drop in if you need a little pick-me-up during your Maling Road visit!

先日、Maling Roadの買い物論をアップしましたが、今度はグルメが喜ぶ食べ物論です。コーヒーに拘っているメルボルン人が多いですが、好き嫌いの多い方でもThe Maling RoomやBambaleros というカフェ、是非チェック!(The Maling Roomではコーヒー豆でできた珍しいお茶でも販売しています。)
Darriwill Farmではおいしいチーズやワイン、そしてお庭やキッチン用の雑貨が充実。グルメさん用のクリスマスプレゼントを探しているなら、ここが便利かも!
そしてXocolatlという高級な手作りチョコレートのお店に是非行ってみて下さい。フェアトレードのココアを使ったチョコがたくさんあって、その中ゴーゴンゾーラとマンゴや焼いたピーマンという普段思い浮かばないけれどとてもおいしいチョコが人気。それらを作った味の天才はPartsioglou家族で、とても仲良く一緒に仕事している姿はチョコの味より甘く感じちゃいました。是非、食べ物を通してMaling Roadを経験してみて!