Kaviar for the hair

How’s your festive season schedule looking? I know, it’s still nearly two months until Christmas, but it never hurts to be prepared (not that I usually am…) with some inspiration! I found this photo ages ago*, filed it away and found it again today. Wouldn’t it be great as a party-time headpiece? Or if you have an hour or two to spare in the next week, you could wear it to one of the races in the Melbourne Spring Carnival!

I’m still thinking about how to make this, but I’m guessing the easiest way would be to get some sort of Christmas decoration type tinselly stuff and wind it around an Alice band-type plastic or metal headband which you would then wear kind of back to front. Otherwise, if you have thick hair, you could make this as two separate barrettes or pins and clip them in on either side of your head. I’ll let you know if I manage to work it out – or more to the point, if I manage to get invited to a party where gold foliage hairpieces (and long white feathery eyelashes?) are necessary! 
あともう少しで(というか、あと二ヶ月ぐらいもあるけど!)クリスマスですが、パーティの多い季節にはこういうヘアバンドでも作りたいな〜と思っています。結構前にKaviar Gaucheというドイツのブランドのコレクション写真の中にこれがあって、「インスピレーションファイル」に保存したけど、素敵だと思いません?作り方は今考え中ですが、多分既に持っているヘアバンドにデコレーションを巻いたらこうなると思います。もしアイデアありましたら是非教えて!

*(Pic from the Kaviar Gauche fashion show in Berlin, but sorry, not sure where I found this particular shot! I need to get on Pinterest! It’s the final look in the Winter 2012 Pret a Porter range, if you want to see a full length picture.)