Daylesford – market value

I’m pretty sure you all know how much I love browsing for a bargain. So it should come to no surprise that I spent half my Daylesford weekend wandering their many markets. Sleeping in on a Sunday? Overrated when there’s so much to be seen at the market in the rail yard.

 All that rummaging made me hungry, so it was lucky that we had a reservation for lunch at The Argus to enjoy after a relaxing soak in the springs at The Mineral Spa. Don’t Sarah and Sarah look refreshed?

And if they weren’t refreshed when we sat down, this elderflower lemonade-y palate cleanser certainly did the trick.

We all had a little entree of chawan mushi (Japanese savoury egg custard) – which I have eaten many a time as it’s a guesthouse standard in Japan, but I’ve never seen it served with salmon roe, in an eggshell, resting on black sesame seeds!

I had lamb for mains…

I had great trouble choosing dessert. This one involved popcorn, foam and ice cream…

 This one looked delicious too. I love pears! And honeycomb!

I went for this one though, because it had goat milk ice cream with it, and how often do you see that on a menu? It was an interesting complement to the fresh berries and an excellent choice for a summery day (if I do say so myself!)

Here’s Iolanthe looking very pleased with herself after such a delightful morning. We farewelled the other ladies and explored the streets of Daylesford after lunch.

There are at least three former theatres in Daylesford’s main street (Vincent Street) that have been converted into retail spaces, but Upstairs at Alpha was definitely my favourite. 

Elements of the old theatre such as the rigging, backdrop and box office really add to the atmosphere. There’s a sense of history here.

 Upstairs at Alpha is also great because it’s not just secondhand stuff – there’s a lot of African and Asian jewellery, instruments and craft, like these woven baskets.

 Of course there are vintage clothes and accessories too!

As I mentioned in the previous post, I stayed in Daylesford an extra day, so while everyone else was at work on Monday, I was combing the Mill Markets for that little something special (which I will have to show you in another post). 

 The Mill Markets are basically heaps and HEAPS of stalls, in a huge shed. AKA heaven for someone like me (and obviously you too, if you have scrolled down this far!).

Among all the kitsch and vintage and collectors’ items, I think the weirdest thing I found was what looked to be a highly dangerous amateur science kit, with an asbestos board and lots of test tubes of dubious chemicals. 

 Needless to say, I did not purchase it, but I enjoyed looking at it (very carefully, without touching) from a safe distance! There really is something for everyone at the markets in Daylesford!

マーケット好きですか?なら、Daylesfordは天国のようですよ。メインストリートとなるVincent Streetに何軒のバザーみたいなお店があって、古着からエスニックなアクセサリーやオモチャ、レトロの家具などがおいてあります。商品も面白いけど、建物実体が元々劇場だったり古いお店だったりするので、それも楽しめることができます。また、毎週日曜日に元駅だったところにフリーマーケットが行っているからバーゲンを探していれば行ってみる価値あり!