Advice from a fortune cookie

Expect great things and great things will come. Nice advice, don’t you think, although admittedly usually I tend in the other direction… I expect nothing and that’s what I get. But in 2013 I am going to try to be a more positive thinker, which is probably what my cousin was hoping for when she made me this fortune cookie. 
Yes, that’s right, another DIYer – she made the giant cookies, decorated them, and put the fortunes inside them. So how did I get the fortune out? Well, as with many things DIY, the cookies didn’t turn out quite right… although they’re tasty, they’re not crispy like commercial ones, they’re a little bit more flexible, so I was able to bend mine to extract the fortune. Hmm, maybe being flexible is also something I need to aim for? 
Regardless of what you’re trying to achieve in 2013, I hope it’s a good one for you, and thanks for sticking with me this year! I’m off to Laos again for a few days and will see you back here mid-January if I don’t manage some posts from internet cafes (if you’re on Twitter you can follow me at @Leeyong_Soo for pictures of Lao food, textiles, temples and hopefully cats). Have a happy new year’s eve!
明日から一週間ぐありラオスにまた行くので、ブログはあまりできないかも知れませんが、ラオスの食べ物、生地、お寺、そして猫の写真を見たければTwitter (@Leeyong_Soo)でフォローしてくださいね!