LMFF: Pier pressure

It was a whirlwind week, but LMFF is over for another year. Did you make it to any of the shows? If not, here’s the action you missed – away from the runway*. I always love seeing what show attendees are parading on the pier at Docklands as they give me a lot of inspiration for DIY projects!
Here’s Jess, whose outfits always have an element of fun in them. I like the idea of the gold mesh overskirt to add bling to something more sedate underneath…
 … and if a gold mesh skirt doesn’t make enough impact, try on a studded baseball cap with chain chinstrap for size. This would look super cute on a beanie or peaked wool cap too, and a bit more wintry.

I love how the neckline decoration gives this basic navy mini dress a folkloric edge. Give this idea a go if you have some cord that you can stitch on to a top or dress – or cheat and use fabric marker to draw a design on if the garment is a paler colour. And definitely try the red tights!

Got some bias binding or fabric strips lying around? Why not “outline” parts of a skirt to add some interest? (The diamante collar and simple bustier caught my eye too).

More ideas for “outlining” and adding graphic interest to a garment via this Sass & Bide jacket.

No DIY idea here, really, just a cute fluffy animal picture (Dulux sponsored LMFF, so these ladies in blue were wandering around creating photo opps with the Dulux Dog)…

 Well, if you insist on a Dulux DIY, how about a dress made from paint chart swatches?

… back to reality (but only just…) – here’s Lisa Teh in a headdress featuring a whole army of toy soldiers painted white.

Lisa’s Couturing.com photographer Wanda Chin really deserves to be in front of the camera more often. Here she is working a tropical bird-print shirt, fake roses in her hair and a fabulous earring made from what I think is a dip-dyed ponytail.

 And in a less colourful but no less stunning incarnation, here she is with an Indian mirror headpiece and a lady who shares her penchant for shiny black pants.

I got Wanda to snap me a few times – I’m in an op-shopped leather skirt I cut to a mini-length, and shirt, ankle fringing, and jewellery I made myself (I’ll post about my neckwear in the near future, needless to say, though, the components came from op shop finds!)

I made use of op shop finds in this outfit too (then again, most of my wardrobe is from op shops, so this is hardly a diversion from my usual habits!). The dress is by Marni but was only $12 at the Salvos!!! The bag is also from the Salvos but I’ve decorated it with tassels I got in Laos ages ago. I made the earrings, and everything else is from markets in Tokyo and probably comes to a grand total of about $20.

These two ladies snapped me so I snapped them back! I’m thinking I might dig out my neon anklets from 1986 and try them with some black ankle booties too. Cute and easy way to update a look, don’t you think?

I confess I didn’t really get into the evening wear this year, but my date for the Saturday night shows certainly did! I like how Cecylia kept things chic with a black ribbon tied around her neck rather than going for crazy bling (hey, not that there’s anything wrong with crazy bling!). 

Cecylia returned my photo-taking favour – as you can see my outfit was a big contrast to hers, but anything goes at fashion week! I was going for an African-esque look as I’d just found a boldly printed scarf at an op shop crawl (yes, there is a post coming up about that too!). I’m in a Balenciaga Le Dix shirt/jacket that one of the editors from Vogue Nippon gave me years ago, pants made for me around about the same time, Tom Gunn shoes and op shop accessories – except for the earrings, which I will tell you about soon, and an African neckpiece from a recent blogging excursion.

On the last day of LMFF I went all glittery in a top I refashioned, bloomers I made from scratch, mainly op shop and flea market accessories and a braid headband.

 Iolanthe obviously got the memo about glitter too…

…AND the memo about wearing gold hair decorations! She’s a girl after my own DIY heart as this is actually a chain necklace she’s wound around her head.

Phew, what a lot of inspiring ladies there are out there. If only it were LMFF every week, we’d all get so many DIY ideas – but then again, there’d be no time to actually make anything!

*If you do want to get a quick round-up of runway events, head here, here, here and here