Things have changed around here

Have you noticed I’ve had a makeover? Or more accurately, I’ve given this blog a makeover. Every so often I like to change the template, because I’m yet to find one I am really happy with. I was fiddling around with different versions the other day and somehow, although I didn’t intend to, have managed to switch to this one permanently. Oops! Technology is definitely not my strong point! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that yes, I am aware it doesn’t look great, and yes, I possibly have given some of you a bit of a shock, but I will keep working and hopefully launch a better version soon. In the meantime, if anyone has suggestions or knows how I can set this template to display permanently in “mosaic” view, please get in touch!

こんにちは!このブログ、かなり変わったでしょう?昨日、ちょっとテンプレートで遊んでいたら、 間違って変更しちゃいました。このテンプレートは嫌いじゃないので、かまいませんが、まだ完成した状態になっていません。いろいろまだ変えないといけない ところがあると思いますが、もう少し待って下さいね!