Thinking of Autumn fashion (and freebies!)

It’s just about that time of year in Melbourne where we should start thinking about what to wear for Autumn, although the 36-degree days we’ve been having lately aren’t exactly conducive to such forward planning. Luckily, I happen to know of two events coming up that might just spur you into revising your wardrobe.

The first is next Saturday, February 28, at 17 Alice Street, Yarraville, and is called Rumble in the Jumble. It’s being run by my friend Victoria who is raising funds for Oxfam (she and her Bleeding Hearts team are doing the Trailwalker later this year). Rumble in the Jumble goes from midday to 5pm and in addition to racks of clothes, there is a high possibility of the presence of cake and a cat. You can bring as many clothes and accessories as you like, and if you find anything there that you want to take home, you can make a donation. If you don’t find anything, at least you will have met Victoria (and maybe me, as I’ll be there at some stage) which anyone who knows her will attest is priceless!

150219_VAMFF Invitation_General

The second event is run by The Clothing Exchange and is called Swap Style Snap Melbourne. It’s a clothes swap, so you bring up to six items of clothing or accessories, receive some Clothing Exchange currency (ie, buttons) and then use those to “buy” whichever items take your fancy. Swap Style Snap Melbourne is on Wednesday, March 11 at Fed Square as part of VAMFF and is $20 a ticket, which includes the swap as well as the chance to chat with mindful fashion mavens (and good friends of mine) Fabia Pryor and Cheryl Lin – oh,and me! I’ll be there as a style adviser or something equally fancy sounding, but what it basically means is that you can play around with some accessories and ask me what to wear with your new-to-you finds.

Sounds good, right? Now what if I said that I had two VIP double passes to give away to Swap Style Snap Melbourne? Even better? I thought so. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment under this post by March 7 telling me which item you would most like to find at a swapping event. You can dream big, or be realistic, there’s no right or wrong as I’ll be selecting the winners at random, most likely employing the “close eyes and poke at the list of comments” method. And if you’re having trouble using the comment form, feel free to email me instead at with the subject line Swap Style Snap. Good luck, and I look forward to meeting you either in Yarraville or at Fed Square!