Wellness Wednesday: DIY foot + body scrub

Where do you think this photo was taken? A herbalist’s hideaway? A clean-living nut’s kitchen? Glinda the Good Witch‘s galley?20150121_164000

No, this is a shot of the jars of all-natural petals and potions from Miss Nail Bar at South Melbourne Market. Just SLIGHTLY different from any of the nail salons I’ve ever walked past (note, walked PAST!) trying not to breathe so I don’t inhale the toxic fumes! A few weeks ago I walked right in to Miss Nail Bar and was treated to a blissful evening of hand and foot pampering which included these all-natural soaks and scrubs. I left with fabulously blingy nails* and a bag of goodies which included the heavenly-scented vanilla and coconut scrub. Back at home, I used it in the shower and realised it’s great not just for feet but for the whole body – it exfoliates and the coconut oil is very hydrating (no need for applying moisturiser afterwards). This seemed too good not to share, so I asked Miss Nail Bar’s Chantelle Thomas for the recipe and here’s what she said…

“For the vanilla and coconut scrub, we start with the dry ingredients, so white sugar, and then cut open a vanilla pod and scrape out the inside then add coconut oil until you’re happy with the consistency. Of course you can use brown sugar or you could use sea salt. Vanilla is just for added smell but you could add essential oils like lavender to relax the body or lemon for a more refreshing scrub.”

It just so happens that I am trying to get rid of a packet of brown sugar which the ex bought for a recipe ages ago but which never gets used (I have never added sugar to anything I make myself including tea or coffee, and I’m trying to eat less of it in general, but that’s another story). So this is the perfect solution! And it was super simple, even for a non-chef-type like me.


I didn’t have any vanilla pods or essential oils, so this is the very basic version of the scrub – sugar and coconut oil. 20150225_084205

The only thing I would add to Chantelle’s recipe is to mention that coconut oil melts fairly easily so it might be easier to judge the consistency if you start off with it in a solid state (put it in the fridge for a while before you start if the weather is warm, and keep the scrub in there too until maybe half an hour before you use it). Also, if (like me) you are tempted to lick the spoon when making the scrub, maybe use salt instead of sugar…

I mixed up a fair bit so decided to put some into a jam jar to give to a friend as a housewarming present. (The gift tag is cut out from an old envelope and the ribbon is recycled too. Not bad as far as eco Brownie points go!)20150225_090247

Although I’m sure most people love the smell of vanilla, I just realised I’m not sure if this particular friend does, so it actually might be a good thing that I didn’t add scent. She can always put in a few drops of her favourite essential oil if she likes. Win for everyone!


*I’m still sporting silver toenails now, and the gold manicure looked perfect for more than a week, even though usually my nails chip or smudge within minutes! Those Miss Nail Bar ladies know how to make their bling last!