Unfolding: New Indian Textiles

Today, I bring you the third part in the Melbourne Textile Trilogy (parts 1 and 2 here and here). This final instalment is at RMIT and is called Unfolding: New Indian Textiles.


Unlike at the Chinese exhibition at the NGV, there was no guided tour here, but I could still tell that there were a lot of different techniques on display – shibori (although it’s probably called something else in India!) in the shawl on the left for instance. And colour EVERYWHERE.20150506_172541

The textile wall art was stunning. Sort of 1970s, but very contemporary too. Sequins and beads and stitches, oh my!



Beads, sequins, metallic thread and raw yarn create so much texture and detail. And I love the use of complementary colours. Can’t you imagine this as an illustration in a kids’ picture book?

I’ve never been great at drawing – or embroidery, for that matter – but this kind of thing makes me want to try. The exhibition is only on for a little bit longer, so visit soon if you can – if you’re a CBD worker it would be a lovely way to fill your lunch hour, or you could drop in after work as the gallery is open until 7pm on Wednesdays.